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D.A.R.E. to be Real in 2008

January 9, 2008

I just finished reading Ian’s guide to success in 2008 at:

and it inspired me to reflect on my own approach to success in 2008 

and commented as follows:

An excellent guide Ian!

To summarise:
1. Decide
2. Act
3. Reflect
4. Embrace

After each decision,

act on it or nothing ever changes,

then reflect and correct direction and implementation.

Be honest about where you are and where you want to go.

Embrace it, realistically.

Be Real! DARE to be real!

Building relationships,

with others whether clients or work mates or family is the essence of a successful life.
On line that is not always easy.

Welcome readers into your world, so they know you,

so they feel like they can touch and empathise with you.

This you do well Ian!

Loving what you do,

is always helped by reviewing what the activities are that impact on other’s lives,

and how you can leave another enriched by your interaction with them.

Enrich another just by smiling, it can be as simple as that!

Ian, thanks for the encouragement.

Be Blessed


Shortly after reading Ian’s blog newsletter I received an email from a mentor and friend of mine

Russell  Cunningham of the Australian Institute of Self Development.

Russell and I have been planning a one day seminar on

“7 Simple Steps to Wealth and Happiness” to be presented  on Saturday 23rd February.

One of the topics to be covered is the “Power of Words” and to cover that topic effectively

Russell and I have been conducted an experiment with plants using “Love” and “Hate” comparisons.

After being away to 2 weeks Russell returned to find these results,

and what he had to say:

“As I was leaving that day and warm weather was expected

I soaked both pots in a bucket of water before

writing positive words on one and negative words on another. I then separated the plants before speaking the written words as emotionally as I could. The plants were left together in a tray on our seedling table.

A friend was asked to water the garden but apparently missed the seedling table.

Here are the results after 2 weeks.”

….. So watch how you use words, and what words you do use,

and DARE to be Real in 2008!

Plants labelled at Start Dec. 2007 

Words written on the plant holders:

“Ugly, Sick, I Hate You” and

“Love, Passion, Joy, Power”

Same Plants 2 Weeks Later

What words would you sooner have being said to you and over you!

Be Blessed



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